How To Detect Negative Energy At Home Using A Glass Of Water

You cannot see the negative energy present in your house but you can certainly feel its vibes. When things are not going well, family clashes are on rise, or when you find your mind is burdened with undue stress – these signifies that negative energy is working here. There are certain ways by which you can detect the negative energy at your home and using a glass of water for this is just one technique.

You can also ask help from the expert to clear the negativity from your home. Reiki is one of the most trusted ways by means of which you can remove the negativity out of your home and family.

How Reiki is helpful?

As already mentioned, Reiki is a Universal Life Energy. It is used to do remove all the negativity present at your home. If you are a Reiki Practitioner, all you need to do is activate your chakras and do the reiki at the affected areas of your home.

You can also contact Reiki experts in your area or some one whom you can trust for the Reiki. India Reiki Foundation is one such name whom you can trust to scan the aura of your home and remove the negative energy out of your house using Reiki.