Mind That Is Fooling You Around

We always run behind the things that are shiny by nature despite knowing the truth -“All that shines is NOT Gold.” You may have been learning the quote since childhood. You may have recited it in your class or school assembly or even share it with your friends. You help your dear ones understand the real meaning of the quote but when it comes to your own self, the quote vanishes from your mind. The mind always fools you around and you are always trapped in its voracious game. Let’s see how else our mind fools us around –

1. Getting attracted to Alluring Stuff –

Most of us are working day-night to earn enough money to fulfill our desire. Which desire? The desire of buying an iPhone, a car, a big house, watch movies, go outing etc. It’s not the desire of life but the desire of your mind. Your mind attracts you towards materials that are shiny by nature. However, at the end of your life, what you have actually achieved is nothing but some junks in around you, that are not even ‘with’ you.

2. Creating a negative thought inside you –

You do not know what’s wrong and what’s right. Who is honest and who is being dishonest? Your mind tells you everything and you keep on believing what it is passing on to you.

Why? The answer is obvious – Ego. Our ego is larger than the universe and our mind takes advantage of it. The moment your mind comes to know that you have even a small particle of ego inside you, it begins to feed it with all negative thoughts and ideas and the ego keeps on growing.

3. Demoralises you at every step

You are so much dependent on your mind that you do not even peep inside yourself to see your real capabilities. God has bestowed each of us with equal abilities – the type can be different howsoever. But, your mind is the one who always pulls you back to do the right or tough tasks in life. “Why to choose the tougher path when there is a path welcome you with glam and glory?” – says brain.

Remember, the hard you fight the most you will get out of it. Supreme teachings of Gautam Buddha also states – “The one who wins himself is the strongest of all.” Hence, win yourself first to win over the world.

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What to do?

Find your happiness first, then order your brain to listen to you instead of you listening to it. Your brain will listen to you only when you are happy and strong.

Happiness is not a car to buy from a showroom. It’s neither an iPhone that you can order online. Even google cannot find you your happiness. It’s no one but you and your peace of mind that will give eternal happiness.  Get rid of the negative thoughts. Release the imprisoned ego out. Do not compete with others but yourself. Recite the following three affirmations to yourself every day.

1. I welcome the new beginnings by heart.

2. I am grateful for what I have today and I don’t think of past or future.

3. I am at peace and happy with my personal best

These affirmations for happiness are nothing less than a holy grail. Keep on saying it and enjoy every little moment of life. Don’t get fooled around by your mind.

10 Teachings Of Buddha That Are Completely Life-Changing

When it comes to the great spiritual leader in India, of course, Siddhartha Gautam is the name that comes first to our minds. He is also famous as Gautam Buddha, Shakyamuni Buddha and at some places, simple Buddha. The real meaning of the word ‘Buddha’ is “Awakened one” or “Enlightened one.”

Unlike the avatars of the Indian Mythology like Rama and Krishna, Gautam Buddha was a sage who was born in Lumbini is famous for his life-changing teachings. He taught and spread the message of love and peace mostly on the Eastern side of the ancient India. The main virtue of his teachings was to balance between sensual indulgence and the severe asceticism.

Also the founder of Buddhism, his teachings are considered as immortalised and supreme amongst his followers. So, here are some of the supreme teachings of Buddha that will make your life even easier.

1. There is no Beautiful Journey than a Journey of Life.Beautiful journey of life by Buddha

Reaching a goal that, you think, will give you happiness is not the ultimate goal. Keep on moving with happiness alive in your heart till you reach the goal that is destined for you.

2. It’s Action that CountsIt's action that counts

You need to act to achieve what is there given for you. Uttering out the words will lead you to nowhere but frustration of mind. Hence, reserve your words for some good time. In order to obtain the defined target, all you have to do is “Act.

3. Don’t try to be Right. Rather Try to be Happy.Try to be happy

Listening is far better skill than talking and giving lectures. Try to understand the people around you. Try to get into the depth of the words the people are uttering. Instead of catching the words, catch the intention. This will lead you to a peaceful state of mind.

4. Mind is Everythingmind is everything

“What you think you become,” said Buddha. Hence, ‘Right’ words and affirmations are the key to success. Your action is defined by your thoughts and your result is determined by your actions. Right affirmations will always get you what you desire good in life where wrong affirmations will always bring you destructions and disruptions in life.

5. Just Forgivelearn to forgive

When you release that burden of the imprisoned thought, you actually release your own self from a negative thought. Learn to forgive people before they come to you for forgiveness.

6. True Harmony is Inside YouTrue harmony is inside you

Why people go out in search of happiness and pleasure while the true harmony lies within themselves. Outside pleasure is merely a distraction. What there is inside you is the real harmony. Enjoy it and live your life.

7. It’s Alright to Start Small to Achieve BigIt's alright to start small

Everything starts from small. With time and patience, things grow and become big. Same is the phenomena of life and work. It’s alright to start with a small thing in order to achieve something big in life.

8. “Thank You” is a Magical WordBe grateful

In our everyday life, there are thousands of incidences that we take for granted. Recognise them and realised that each and everything happening around you has a purpose. Thank them and move ahead with honour of being grateful.

9. Win Yourself FirstWin yourself

It’s easier to win a battle with others but to win one own self is to cut a piece of mountain. The one who wins himself is the strongest one on the earth.

10. Do What You KnowDo what you know

If you don’t know what to do, do what you know. Time is precious. Do not spend time on things that you find is difficult to do until you wish to prove your skill on that.