Reiki Miracle: Power Of Distance Healing

To understand the distance healing and how Reiki helps in distance healing, we need to see ourselves beyond the physical appearance. Not to mention, our body is just a medium led by the soul. Without the soul, our body is nothing more than an object. One has to believe that Reiki is not a phenomenon to be carried out via body or object but through the eternal soul that has no boundary to flow.

What is Soul?

It is an invisible being that has no age, no end, and no form. It just resides in us till we live and leaves us far apart on death. It’s not our ears, eyes, brain, or heart that makes the connection with the other person, place or things but the soul that makes the connection because connections are made amongst two deaf people, two blinds, two mentally retarded people and even amongst two people suffering heart ailment.

This is as true as the name of God, we do not speak but our soul speaks. And thus, we do not perform the healing but our souls do.

Is this Called Spiritual Healing?power of distance healingCertainly! Reiki is all about spiritual healing even when you are present physically in front of your patient.  Sending the Reiki to distance people for their healing is also a type of spiritual healing as you are sending the Reiki to the people those are far away from your sights. When we say “I will pray for you,” you must believe that your soul is going to pray for another soul and the prayer is passed on through the air gathering energies from the universe and enters the needy soul. Thus we say “my prayer was heard and worth it.”

Power of Distance Healing

Now since you know about distance healing, also called remote energy healing, let us understand how is it different from the physical healing and how powerful is it:-

Like atmospheric layers, there are layers of energy field as well that is divided into four levels on the basis of connectivity it can make mentally, physically, psychologically, and emotionally.

Layer 1 – When one is able to  duplicate the energy, generally ¼ to 2 inches away from the body, he is on the first layer of the energy called ‘Etheral Field.’

Layer 2 – When a Reiki healer can expand the energy beyond the physical body up to 3-4 inches, he is able to reach layer 2 of the energy called – “Emotional Field.”

Layer 3 – On the advanced level of the energy, when a healer can expand the energy from 3-8 inches completely on the basis of mental thoughts and energy. This layer is termed as “Mental Field.”

Layer 4 – Upon active meditation of a long time – a healer’s energy can be perceived at 6inches to 2 feet of distance beyond the physical body. This layer comprises four or more layers and the healer can be present at more than 1 place at one time. This layer is termed as “Psychological or Spiritual Field.”

How Is It Different from Physical Healing

  1. For physical healing, the Reiki practitioner is required to be present in front of the receiver and give reiki from hands directly by moving hands on his/her affected area.
  2. Distance healing, sometimes, is more effective than physical healing as patient’s or other’s interruption will not let the Reiki energy flow continuously in the physical form.  Hence, India Reiki Foundation prefers sending reiki energy in distance form.
  3.  Distance healing can be given to any part of the country or world. Reiki in India is thus, being globalized due to distance healing where Reiki is sent to other countries as well.
  4. One can give Reiki to many at one time through distance healing as a soul can be present at more than one places at one time. It is  called psychic phenomena that are beautifully explained by Joseph Murphy is his book “Power Subconscious Mind.” Must Read.
  5. Many healers from the different part of the worlds can give reiki at one time by forming a grid in their minds.
  6. The receiver can choose the distance healer from any part of the world.
  7. Balances and revitalized the energy of the physical body
  8. Healing can be given at the time suitable to both the receivers and the practitioners.
  9. Saves travelling time and energy.
  10. Patients suffering communicable diseases can be healed through remote energy healing.

How Distance Healing Works

Before we go further and understand the phenomena of distance healing, we must know that reiki healing is not limited to just one type of healing. Many of us practice in different forms which is called –

  • Angel therapy
  • Shiv Yoga
  • Quantum Healing
  • Crystal Healing
  • Pranic Healing and so on

Not to get confused, these are just the names given to reiki practices adopted by different people believing in their strength. If you belive in lord Shiva then calling Shiva during reiki is your type of reiki healing.

Likewise, people have adopted angel therapy as a form of their reiki practice in India or abroad. No matter what is there in your Alma Matar, the basic principle of reiki is same i.e. activating and balancing the chakras and expanding the aura.

What are Chakras? chakras - IRFTrustChakras can be called the mean, median mode of a human body. Your life activities are entirely dependent upon the status of your chakras. Mainly, there are 7 (seven) chakras in our body numbered 1 to 7 from bottom to top. First chakra lies just above the anus is also called the root chakra. Second chakra is below the nibble and is called sacral chakra.  Where third chakra, lying above the abdomen  is called solar plexus chakra, fourth chakra is the heart chakra. Fift chakra is referred as throat chakra, sixth chakra is called third-eye chakra and last but not the least – seventh chakra leads our crown and hence, is called the crown chakra.

Like their names and position, they possess different colours, chanting sounds, and purpose that will be discussed in our next blog soon.

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Hence, for all the reiki healers and practitioners, keep your chakras activated and balanced to give powerful distance reiki healing to people while staying at your location.

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How To Find Lost Objects Using Reiki


Reiki is an energy that is drawn from the universe and utilized for the welfare of others and our own selves. It is the power that in our hands to mould the things according to our requisite or for our highest good. It will not be a wonder to know if you will know that you can find the lost object too by doing the reiki. Yes, this is true. If you have lost your gold earring or school diary or anything that is important and dear to you, you can either do the Reiki yourself if you are a Reiki practitioner or contact the Reiki expert.

For Reiki Practitioner – How to find the lost object using Reiki

1. Take a white, plain sheet of paper and write down the name (and description, if u remember) of the missing object with a RED pen.

2. Draw symbol number 3 (distance connecting symbol – Hon Sha Ze Sho Nen) on the paper once with a red pen and repeat the name of this symbol along with the name of missing object thrice in your mind.

3. Ask the Reiki energy to guide you to find this missing object. Put this paper somewhere safe and continue your daily lifestyle.

4. This missing object will eventually come to you, either you will remember where you have kept it or it will be found by the other means.

Lost & Found ReikiPlease Note:

  • While finding the object, clear your thoughts and intention with any kind of greediness or selfishness. Any wrong intention or thought in mind with interrupt the reiki and you may not be able to achieve a successful result.
  • The result may vary according to the energy of the person, place, and position.
  • If the Reiki is not able to find you your lost object, then you are to believe the fact that it is for your highest good.
  • There are certain limitations to the activity. Things that are destroyed or dead, cannot return but you can get an intuition of its dismissal.
  • Mentioned above is merely one way of finding the lost object using reiki. Dowsing is yet another way of finding the lost object.

For those who are not a Reiki practitioner –

Feel free to get in touch with us at +91-9650387487. We will help you find your object for your highest good.

Mind That Is Fooling You Around

We always run behind the things that are shiny by nature despite knowing the truth -“All that shines is NOT Gold.” You may have been learning the quote since childhood. You may have recited it in your class or school assembly or even share it with your friends. You help your dear ones understand the real meaning of the quote but when it comes to your own self, the quote vanishes from your mind. The mind always fools you around and you are always trapped in its voracious game. Let’s see how else our mind fools us around –

1. Getting attracted to Alluring Stuff –

Most of us are working day-night to earn enough money to fulfill our desire. Which desire? The desire of buying an iPhone, a car, a big house, watch movies, go outing etc. It’s not the desire of life but the desire of your mind. Your mind attracts you towards materials that are shiny by nature. However, at the end of your life, what you have actually achieved is nothing but some junks in around you, that are not even ‘with’ you.

2. Creating a negative thought inside you –

You do not know what’s wrong and what’s right. Who is honest and who is being dishonest? Your mind tells you everything and you keep on believing what it is passing on to you.

Why? The answer is obvious – Ego. Our ego is larger than the universe and our mind takes advantage of it. The moment your mind comes to know that you have even a small particle of ego inside you, it begins to feed it with all negative thoughts and ideas and the ego keeps on growing.

3. Demoralises you at every step

You are so much dependent on your mind that you do not even peep inside yourself to see your real capabilities. God has bestowed each of us with equal abilities – the type can be different howsoever. But, your mind is the one who always pulls you back to do the right or tough tasks in life. “Why to choose the tougher path when there is a path welcome you with glam and glory?” – says brain.

Remember, the hard you fight the most you will get out of it. Supreme teachings of Gautam Buddha also states – “The one who wins himself is the strongest of all.” Hence, win yourself first to win over the world.

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What to do?

Find your happiness first, then order your brain to listen to you instead of you listening to it. Your brain will listen to you only when you are happy and strong.

Happiness is not a car to buy from a showroom. It’s neither an iPhone that you can order online. Even google cannot find you your happiness. It’s no one but you and your peace of mind that will give eternal happiness.  Get rid of the negative thoughts. Release the imprisoned ego out. Do not compete with others but yourself. Recite the following three affirmations to yourself every day.

1. I welcome the new beginnings by heart.

2. I am grateful for what I have today and I don’t think of past or future.

3. I am at peace and happy with my personal best

These affirmations for happiness are nothing less than a holy grail. Keep on saying it and enjoy every little moment of life. Don’t get fooled around by your mind.

10 Teachings Of Buddha That Are Completely Life-Changing

When it comes to the great spiritual leader in India, of course, Siddhartha Gautam is the name that comes first to our minds. He is also famous as Gautam Buddha, Shakyamuni Buddha and at some places, simple Buddha. The real meaning of the word ‘Buddha’ is “Awakened one” or “Enlightened one.”

Unlike the avatars of the Indian Mythology like Rama and Krishna, Gautam Buddha was a sage who was born in Lumbini is famous for his life-changing teachings. He taught and spread the message of love and peace mostly on the Eastern side of the ancient India. The main virtue of his teachings was to balance between sensual indulgence and the severe asceticism.

Also the founder of Buddhism, his teachings are considered as immortalised and supreme amongst his followers. So, here are some of the supreme teachings of Buddha that will make your life even easier.

1. There is no Beautiful Journey than a Journey of Life.Beautiful journey of life by Buddha

Reaching a goal that, you think, will give you happiness is not the ultimate goal. Keep on moving with happiness alive in your heart till you reach the goal that is destined for you.

2. It’s Action that CountsIt's action that counts

You need to act to achieve what is there given for you. Uttering out the words will lead you to nowhere but frustration of mind. Hence, reserve your words for some good time. In order to obtain the defined target, all you have to do is “Act.

3. Don’t try to be Right. Rather Try to be Happy.Try to be happy

Listening is far better skill than talking and giving lectures. Try to understand the people around you. Try to get into the depth of the words the people are uttering. Instead of catching the words, catch the intention. This will lead you to a peaceful state of mind.

4. Mind is Everythingmind is everything

“What you think you become,” said Buddha. Hence, ‘Right’ words and affirmations are the key to success. Your action is defined by your thoughts and your result is determined by your actions. Right affirmations will always get you what you desire good in life where wrong affirmations will always bring you destructions and disruptions in life.

5. Just Forgivelearn to forgive

When you release that burden of the imprisoned thought, you actually release your own self from a negative thought. Learn to forgive people before they come to you for forgiveness.

6. True Harmony is Inside YouTrue harmony is inside you

Why people go out in search of happiness and pleasure while the true harmony lies within themselves. Outside pleasure is merely a distraction. What there is inside you is the real harmony. Enjoy it and live your life.

7. It’s Alright to Start Small to Achieve BigIt's alright to start small

Everything starts from small. With time and patience, things grow and become big. Same is the phenomena of life and work. It’s alright to start with a small thing in order to achieve something big in life.

8. “Thank You” is a Magical WordBe grateful

In our everyday life, there are thousands of incidences that we take for granted. Recognise them and realised that each and everything happening around you has a purpose. Thank them and move ahead with honour of being grateful.

9. Win Yourself FirstWin yourself

It’s easier to win a battle with others but to win one own self is to cut a piece of mountain. The one who wins himself is the strongest one on the earth.

10. Do What You KnowDo what you know

If you don’t know what to do, do what you know. Time is precious. Do not spend time on things that you find is difficult to do until you wish to prove your skill on that.

Reiki Meditation Video For Self-Healing Is Mightily Relaxing

Meditation by Reiki is in talks these days. Why? Because people are struggling hard to even survive on the earth. People, in ancient time, could find peace and use to go deep into the meditation. However, in this fast-moving world, we are unable to find the complete silence at any corner of the world. The competitive world has made us deprived of the peace that we require to keep ourselves calm and subtle. We lose temper easily. The level of frustration is rising day by day. We know what we need to do to control the unwanted and involuntary actions in ourselves but, we are unable to attain it. Yes, the meditation. Meditation is not just a practice to concentrate on a point but a deep pathway that leads to the alpha level of trans. One can get lost here for few minutes, hours and even for months and years and attain immense rest and relaxation.

Reiki Meditation is one such practice that does not merely takes the person into the trans state but also clears the blockages and removes all undue stress on body and soul. Power of Reiki works equally for both the Reiki healers as well as non-reiki healers.

If you too think your life is being quite hectic and you need to take a break for at least few hours or minutes, here is the Reiki Video for Meditation that will help you in self-healing and give you intense relaxation.

Video Credit: Katie Sabbaghian

What is Reiki & How Reiki Works for Healing And Energizing

What is Reiki - IRF

What is Reiki?

Wondering what is Reiki and how it works? Have you ever come across the word and find it difficult to understand? India Reiki Foundation (IRF) has made it simple for you to understand the meaning and effects of Reiki.

Two Japanese words Rei and Ki (Qi) come together to make Reiki. These two words have meaning with multilayer depth, as Japanese language had, hence the essence is required to be understood. In Japanese language, the healing meaning of these words is not provided in detail or in direct context.

Meaning of Reiki

Rei means Higher intelligence or Higher consciousness which leads to the creation and functioning in the universe. Therefore, it is also called as God’s consciousness which is responsible for creation and its proper functioning. It is a wisdom at Subtle or profound level amongst living and non-living both, which is the basis of creation and it is the power which drives creation and development of everything.

Ki(Qi) means energy or life driving force which is present all flora(plants) and fauna (animals and humans).

Ki has been mentioned in different religions by different names but has same relevance and meanings. For example

  • ¬ In Hinduism or Indian Yoga, it is mentioned as Prana,
  • ¬ In Igbo and Chinese religion, it termed as Chi,
  • ¬ In Hawaiian Culture, it is termed as Mana,
  • ¬ In Jewish Culture, it is known as Ruah,
  • ¬ In Western Culture, it is known by the name of Odic force or Vital Force or Bio plasma or Vital Energy.

Level of Ki(Qi) is in direct relation to the with the positive attitude, strength, confidence and enjoyment of life. And when this level decreases, it leads to sickness or weakness.

And the absence of Ki(Qi) in a body leads to death.

Flow and regulation of Ki(Qi) defines the level of health. The illness or sickness of a tissue, organ, organ system or whole body is due to the decrease or disruption in the level of this energy.

From all this information we can say that Reiki is a life force energy which is spiritually guided or guided by higher intelligence and is in Non-physical form.

Feelings and thoughts alter or change Ki(Qi). Stronger will the thoughts stronger will the Ki(Qi) and viceversa.

An important attribute of Ki is that it responds to ones thoughts and feelings. Ki will flow more strongly or be weakened in its action depending on the quality of ones thoughts and feelings. It is our negative thoughts and feelings that are the main cause of restriction in the flow of Ki. All negative or dis-harmonious thoughts or feelings will cause a disruption in the flow of Ki. Even Western medicine recognizes the role played by the mind in creating illness and some Western doctors state that as much as 98% of illness is caused directly or indirectly by the mind.

Can anyone learn and do Reiki?

Yes, anyone can learn as reiki does not depends on one’s educational background, talent, experience, ability to acquire knowledge, intellectual skills or meditation ability. The reiki energy starts to flow immediately after opening of channel by teacher after attunement of student and stays there forever in the hands of students.

How the level of Ki(Qi) can be influenced or controlled?

The level of Ki(Qi) depend on the state of mind.

Mind is the master of Ki(Qi)!mind is the creator- IRF
Mind can create health and create illness or problems.

How reiki works?                          

Energy of reiki. while healing, is not directly in relation to the Energy, Intelligence, Sense of Creativity, Gender, Age and Wisdom of the practitioner. But it flows according to the requirement, as reiki energy flows by its own wisdom and intelligence. It has to be made clear that reiki energy has ability beyond the creativity and imagination of any healer or practitioner.

Intension and Acceptance are the two factors on which reiki relies.

In our body there are Chakras, Nadis, Meridians or Dantian through which the Ki(Qi) or life energy flows and we are alive because of this energy. When this life energy or Ki(Qi) disrupts in any way in an area, it causes improper functioning of the affected part. Reiki heals that affected parts by re-energising it and making the life energy to flow again in that area properly.

Did You Know? Your Aura Can Define The Instincts Of A Person

We often come across the word “Aura” in our daily life. You might have heard somebody saying that the Aura of a mother is always strong or aura of this home is pure and so on. What is aura that we talk about? Ever tried to understand its meaning and purpose of the aura in depth? How can aura help you be what you are and how a negative aura can take back everything that you deserved? Answering these questions, Siddhartha Bhardwaj – Reiki Grandmaster and founder of India Reiki Foundation writes about Aura and explains about its presence at DNA level. Let’s read this carefully.

What is Aura?

Aura is known by many names like gentle breath or wind or Subtle body or Human energy or human body’s electromagnetic field. It is also known as Glow of light or a subtle emanation around human body which is unseen.

How Aura is formed?

how aura is formedAura is a result of vibration at the sub-atomic level of sub-atomic particles. As we know that every particle is made of atoms in this universe. These atoms are further made of some sub-atomic particles (like electron, proton, neutron). Each of the atomic particles vibrates at a frequency. This constant vibration results in formation of an electromagnetic field. Even when we think, our consciousness and thoughts vibrate and this vibration results in the formation of aura around us.

Aura, in scientific language, is electro-photonic vibrations caused by some external excitation. Aura provides us information regarding health, well-being, emotional condition, state of mind, thoughts running, energy level, kundalini state and environment around a person.

There have been many experiments conducted on aura in many countries and it has been observed that human aura is made of an Electromagnetic spectrum ranging from microwave level to infrared level and from there to ultraviolet level.

In our smaller segments and functions like Structure of DNA, Blood circulation, Body metabolism involves Low frequency microwave and Infrared part of electromagnetic spectrum, whereas Our consciousness and brain activity like thought process, creation, senses of pain or sense of humour, creation or destruction involves ultraviolet part of electromagnetic spectrum which is high in energy (which can be seen even with naked eyes and still largely unexplored).

Many scientific claims have been made that changes can be made in human body by changing in aura. For example, some of the Russian scientists claimed that Aura change at microwave level can lead to the Genetic changes by altering the DNA.