Physical Well-Being

Physical Healing

Reiki Physical HealingBesides the allopathy, homeopathy and therapeutic ways of treating one’s body, meditation, diet plan, and exercise are into practice. These modes generate energies and let it flow in and around the body. The energy makes the connection with the health and is subtle in nature that helps it heal. This is called “life force energy.” Reiki is one such “life force energy” that is channelized to heal all physical illness.

Reiki Physical Healing

Our body is made up of different elements such as blood, muscles, veins etc., which make a system altogether. Energy, likewise, is also a system in our body that lets the life force energy flow through the body and help healing. India Reiki Foundation (IRF) gives Reiki for Physical Health and help you get rid of your physical issues using the flow of energy, i.e. Reiki.

How Reiki Helps Healing?

When Reiki is given to a person it works like a miracle with both hands-on and hands-off technique. It, technically, balances the main centres of the body which is known as the “Chakras.” All the old energies are thus, drained out from the body and the person is free from old, stressful reflections and hence, attaining a state of physical wellness. Reiki for Physical Health is god’s gift. With all natural means, Reiki releases all the blockages leading the life to a healthy turn. IRF is one such terminus where the engine of life can be changed and a hope for new destination is defined.

How It Works?

Reiki healer is so powerful that the healer can either transfer the Reiki energy from hand to the body (hands-on Reiki) or transfer the energy from mind (hands-off Reiki). The patient is not required to visit the clinic if stay at distance. Reiki works with Distance healing technique wherein the healers, like IRF healers, heal the patient by transferring the energy from mind to the body through Distance Healing.

Reiki is powerful. It is wonderful, gentle and nurturing. Reiki today is next to a miracle. 

Instant Healing

Reiki relieves pain, bites and infection instantly. No ointment or medicine is required.

Chronic Diseases

Diseases like Asthma, Arthritis, Chronic Pain, etc. can be treated with the power of Reiki.

Weight Loss

Surprisingly, Reiki can help get rid of fatigue and lose weight without starving.


Reiki energy gives power healing to the injured part helping it heal faster, without pain at all.

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When all hopes seem to diminish, Reiki stands by as the most powerful ray of hope. Trust the energy and call it on!