Law of Attraction

Your wish is our command! This is how the universe works and this is called “the Law of Attraction. For those who are still unaware of this law let’s just quickly go through this law –

According to the law of attraction, whatever you wish with strong intention becomes the truth because the universe is always listening to your inner voice and is ready to fulfill your wish when it is most required and for your highest good. Even if you keep on repeating bad words about yourself, the universe takes this as your wish and sends you life full of struggle. Hence, it is always advised by the elders and the experts to talk and think positive all the time – even if the situation is continuously not in your favour because the law of attraction always works.

Goal Manifestation

Although the universe is constantly fulfilling your wish and requirement, there comes the time when we need to speed up the process of goal manifestation. By saying, “speed up the process” it is meant that the intention is even more powerful and the message is strongly sent to the universe for the manifestation of goal. Reiki practitioners, like those of India Reiki Foundation, know the technique using which is made possible and goal manifestation becomes easy even if you are not available for praying or requesting universe to fulfill what you desire.


Be it Reiki or Law of Attraction – goals are always manifested for your highest good and according to your Karmic Cycle. Without bringing negative thought to your mind or heart, keep intending for your highest good only.

Goals That Can Be Manifested at IRF –

  • Relationship – if you wish to improve your relationship with your partner or make a relationship with someone you admire. The relationship can be between parents and children, siblings, husband and wife, boss and employees, colleagues and so on.
  • Abundance – financial abundance is definitely everyone’s dream. Make it true by taking healing for achieving financial freedom. You can also get your stuck money released or get free from all the debts.
  • Career & Growth – for your better future and peaceful days ahead, you work hard in your job or business. However, some are still struggling at the early phase and this phase is taking the breath away. Wish for your success in career. We will help you manifest your goal. You can also take advice on career by taking tarot card session with Siddhartha Sir.

What you need to do –

  • Send us your latest picture
  • Your name and details of the goal you want to manifest.
  • In case you want to manifest your dream related to relationship then the latest picture of your partner and his/her details will also be required.
  • Pray for your highest good

Contact us for placing your request for your goal manifestation..