Lost & Found Reiki

How To Find Lost Objects Using Reiki


Reiki is an energy that is drawn from the universe and utilized for the welfare of others and our own selves. It is the power that in our hands to mould the things according to our requisite or for our highest good. It will not be a wonder to know if you will know that you can find the lost object too by doing the reiki. Yes, this is true. If you have lost your gold earring or school diary or anything that is important and dear to you, you can either do the Reiki yourself if you are a Reiki practitioner or contact the Reiki expert.

For Reiki Practitioner – How to find the lost object using Reiki

1. Take a white, plain sheet of paper and write down the name (and description, if u remember) of the missing object with a RED pen.

2. Draw symbol number 3 (distance connecting symbol – Hon Sha Ze Sho Nen) on the paper once with a red pen and repeat the name of this symbol along with the name of missing object thrice in your mind.

3. Ask the Reiki energy to guide you to find this missing object. Put this paper somewhere safe and continue your daily lifestyle.

4. This missing object will eventually come to you, either you will remember where you have kept it or it will be found by the other means.

Lost & Found ReikiPlease Note:

  • While finding the object, clear your thoughts and intention with any kind of greediness or selfishness. Any wrong intention or thought in mind with interrupt the reiki and you may not be able to achieve a successful result.
  • The result may vary according to the energy of the person, place, and position.
  • If the Reiki is not able to find you your lost object, then you are to believe the fact that it is for your highest good.
  • There are certain limitations to the activity. Things that are destroyed or dead, cannot return but you can get an intuition of its dismissal.
  • Mentioned above is merely one way of finding the lost object using reiki. Dowsing is yet another way of finding the lost object.

For those who are not a Reiki practitioner –

Feel free to get in touch with us at +91-9650387487. We will help you find your object for your highest good.

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