What is Dowsing ?

Before you learn dowsing in our IRF Dowsing Class it is important to know what is dowsing and how it works.

In early years, people used to locate the availability of water under the ground using some special device such as metal rods or pendant/ring hanging from a chain. These devices were considered to carry divine property that help them locate not only water but minerals and many such materials that are hidden under the ground. Locating such materials using the divine tools is called dowsing.

However, the divine property of dowsing is not merely limited locating water and minerals but also finding lost objects as well as finding the answers to the queries. For example – one can find out whether or not the person lying. It may sound strange and unbelievable but the dowser (the dowsing device) knows answer to each and every question and its proven practically. You can find the answers too and get a proof to it.

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Dowsing Can Be Used For** –

–  Finding Water, Minerals and all other underground objects
–  Making right decisions on making choices
–  Finding lost objects
–  Finding right directions
–  Uncovering the truth and hidden knowledge
–  Fortune Telling
–  Checking health parameters such as Blood   Pressure, Sugar etc.
–  Healing and many more…

Who Can Learn Dowsing?

Anybody who has faith in universal life force and is ready to surrender in front of the spiritual energy can learn dowsing. Unlike other energy healing techniques, Dowsing does not require any attunement or prior attunement to Reiki. However, Reiki level I & II will be additional benefit to the dowsers, although not mandatory.

You can learn Reiki Level I & II along with dowsing from us. Click to know more…

What You Will Learn in IRF Dowsing Class –

  • Different Dowsing Tools & Devices – Dowser
  • Cleaning and Programming the dowser
  • Establishing Connection with the dowser
  • Communication with Dowser
  • Using Dowser for Healing & Finding Answers

Duration :-

Dowsing is a 1-day course wherein all guidance related to dowsing and its history will be discussed.

Please note*: – Dowsing does not require any attunement. Please beware of such practices where attunements are given for dowsing.

Mode of Teaching –

Since dowsing does not require any attunement, the classes are conducted online. Schedule for offline courses will be updated shortly.

** Dowsing requires immense practice. Without practicing and complete surrender to the spiritual energy, the mentioned properties of dowsing may not be justified and the results of dowsing may not be accurate.