About Reiki

About India Reiki Foundation

India Reiki Foundation has formed a firm platform for people who are distressed in their lives either due to health issues, financial issues, marital life problems, family issues, career or some or the other glitches of life. India Reiki Foundation (IRF) keeps in touch with such people and give them healing for their wonderful life through Reiki Energy.

What is Reiki?

Reiki is a word derived out of Japanese origin that means “Life Force Energy.” This energy is considered to be the most powerful source of one’s existence and Reiki practitioners believe that these energies can be utilised to heal and enhance people’s health and aura in the physical world.

It has been the most proven way of treating illness and diseases since 20th century as was introduced by Mikao Usui. Not limiting its miracles to merely healing and treating living being, Reiki is also a powerful tool to attract the energies of the universe in order to bring positivity in lives.

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What Can Reiki Do?

Reiki is a powerful energy and if we consider the fact that there is no limitation to the flow of energy, then we can say that Reiki, too, is limitless. Below are some examples Reiki can help you attain –

  • Clarity of thought
  • Cleaning, Healing and Enhancing Aura
  • Reducing Anxiety
  • Connection with divine power
  • Relieving stress
  • Manifesting Goals
  • Instant Healing in case of emergencies
  • Self development or transformation
  • Peace and serenity

History of Reiki

It is believed that Master Usui was to first one to introduce Reiki in Japan. However, digging the history of Reiki into more depth, Reiki was first founded by Mataji Kawakami. He was the one who introduced a unique healing style in Japan in 1914 and named it Reiki Ryoho.

After that, many Reiki styles came into practice by numerous people and they were named after the practitioners. The same energy when given to Mikao Usui or Usui Sensei in 1922, he, too, like others, developed his own mystical healing power and style and named it after his own name as Usui Reiki. While performing Reiki, he had spiritual experience on Kurama Yama and thus, defined the Reiki Ryoho as his style of Reiki.

Not to deny, the root of Reiki did also lie in India in ancient time but, to the fortune, the ideals of Japan became the first to uproot the power of Reiki.

About IRF (India Reiki Foundation)

With the aspiration of helping and healing the people, we at IRF (India Reiki Foundation) has taken the step to remove the hassles from their lives so that this world may achieve optimal tranquility. Keeping the idol of Gautam Buddha in mind, our purpose is to spread peace in the world and so, the environment.

Everyone is blessed with a beautiful light within. You just have to realise and recognize it. Unfold the power of Reiki with us.

Our Philosophy

The energy can never be created nor destroyed. It is constant and nothing can limit the flow of energy in the universe. We, too, are blessed with energies but we often use it to achieve materialistic goals and targets living ignored our spiritual side that is the main source of energy within.

Reiki Energy is one such energy that connects ourselves with our spiritual form as well as the universe. Meditation is just one key to get connected with the highest energy of the universe but it is the Reiki Power, that harvests the energy and brings it healing and living purpose.

By attaining such connections achieving the targets, manifesting goals, healing and treating illness and fulfilling dreams become easy. However, the objectives can be attained only if the energy of the objectives will match the divine energy.

The power of Reiki cannot be misused for achieving something that is not destined or right for your inner energy.

It’s About Enfolding Reiki Energy!