About Violet Flame

Violet flame is one of the spiritual energy healing techniques where universal life force is drawn for sending healing. The word is self-explanatory – the healing flame that’s colour is violet. The vibration of this healing technique has high frequency as it corresponds t the violet light and heals the issues quickly. violet-flame-irf

The healing includes –

– physical issues

– financial issues

– ailments

– traumas

– ego issues

Who Can Learn Violet Flame?

For learning Violet Flame healing technique, one must be a Reiki level II practitioner. For those who are willing to learn this art must learn Reiki level I & II first. You can be attuned to Reiki Level I & II by us along with the Violet Flame healing technique.

Course Duration:

Violet Flame is 1-day course if the candidate is already a Reiki level II practitioner. However, if the candidate is not the Reiki level II practitioner then the duration of the course changes to 2-day course as follows –
Day 1 – Reiki Level I & II Attunement
Day 2 – Violet Flame Attunement
The person learning the violet flame will receive the guide and attunement for violet flame from the Master.

What You Will Learn in Violet Flame :

  • What is Violet Flame
  • How It Works
  • Use of Violet Flame in Healing
  • Ethics of Violet Flame

Like other spiritual healings, Violet Flame too is a powerful healing technique that comes directly from your consciousness. It has pure and beautiful aura as it is associated with violet light and helps coming over the negative energy.

For more details about the courses and schedule, talk to us or mail us to irftrust.in@gmail.com