Not everytime you will be find a woman dresses in flowing gown sitting on the other side of table with a ball of fortune predicting all that you want to know about your future. What is tarot cards reading? It is yet another art that is gifted to people drowned completely in the field of energy.


osho-zen-tarot-IRFTarot cards are the most amazing and spiritual source of giving you signs of the possible outcomes of the questions in your mind. It is, in fact, one of the oldest ways to predict the fortune. Out of the deck of 78 cards, few cards are chosen by the tarot reader using the energy guidance from the universe. The guidance so received for the receiver is always found to be correct and relevant to 99.99%.

If you too wish to get your card of fortune opened for you, call us or write to us. We will tell you all about your Past, Present and Future in regards with Business, Success, Career, Relationship, Traveling, Opportunities, Family and so on.

At India Reiki Foundation, we are trying to spread the energy and help people in all possible forms. Tarot cards reading by one of the Grandmasters at IRF (India Reiki Foundation) will surely guide you through your path full of perplex.

After Tarot Cards Readings, we will also help you with the solution of the problem. We send free Reiki Healings every Saturday at distant. To receive it, get in touch with us.