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“I had been suffering from a backache. No therapy was working on my back and neither I was interested in spending money to cure my backache. Fortunately, a friend of mine told me about Reiki Energy and its healing effects. This is so unbelievable! Just one reiki healing removed my pain completely.” – if you too have similar or different experience with Reiki Energy, click on “Share your story” on the left and write your experience in the message box and send to us.

You should know…

All that you will be sharing with us will be published here in this section. Feel free to write your experience to us. Make sure you follow the following rules for submission:

  1. Name – Use your original name.
  2.  Contact Details – Your phone number will remain confidential with us and will not be shared with anyone
  3. Location – Although not a mandatory criteria, but we would appreciate if you can mention the location (not complete address)
  4. Story – Make sure your story contains at least 250-300 words.
  5. Photo – Your photo will be published beside your story. If you wish not share your photo, please skip photo uploading step.


Your story can be an inspiration for somebody. Help others ending their struggling period. Help them heal disease or choose the right path. Encourage them to fight till the end and show them hope of victory at the end.

We are dedicatedly willing to help people and thus, we offer reward to the most inspirational story of the month.

Be the Voice of Reiki. Contribute to us through your inspiring stories and we will spread your words to the needy ones.