In India, predictions are usually done by either palm reading or making an astrological chart through finding the positions of the planets in one’s chart. However, Tarot Card Reading in India is also gaining equal importance as palm reading and astrological charts. These are not merely cards but guidance from the universe. There are total of 78 cards in a deck and each card has different meaning and guidance. tarot cards reading irf

The tarot card reading art brings clarity to your future steps and hopes. This art is not gifted to everyone but only the chosen ones. Not everyone can become a tarot card reader. The gift of receiving the guidance from the universe is showered to only those who believe in “energy calling.”

Learning to read tarot cards not only benefits others but your own inner self as well. As you learn this art, you will be able to –

  • Develop psychic power
  • Interpret the language of each card
  • Establish metaphysical level communication
  • Drawn yourself to the universal guidance

What you’ll learn in Taro Card Reading Classes for Beginners –

  • Introduction to Tarot Cards
  • Structure of Cards
  • Major and Minor Arcana
  • Court Cards
  • Detail description of each card
  • The meanings and messages hidden in single or spreads of cards
  • How to draw the cards
  • Spreads of cards

Duration of the course –

Regular – 21 Days
Fast Track – 10 Days

Advance Tarot Card Reading Classes Outline –

One can opt for the advance level of tarot cards reading once the beginner’s level is completed. This course will bring to you the following knowledge –

  • Introduction to Advanced Level Tarot Cards
    – Osho Zen
    – The Wild Unknown
  • Advanced Level Spreads
  • Ethical and Empowering way of Reading
  • Inverse Card Interpretation
  • Questions Framing
  • Cleansing, Charging, Grounding & Protection
  • Boundaries of Tarot Cards Reading

Duration of the course –

Regular – 30 Days
Fast Track – 15 Days

The classes for tarot card reading are conducted online through webinar and/Whatsapp. Any of the modes can be chosen for learning the tarot cards reading by Indian Reiki Foundation. Contact us for enrolling in the Tarot Cards Reading Classes through webinar or mail us to –