About Holy Fire Reiki

As many of you might be aware of Reiki by now, as you have reached this page to learn Reiki, we now want people to know that Usui Sensei was definitely the first one to introduce Reiki system to the world and providing Reiki attunement – reiju, as Usui Sensei used to call it, but he was not the last one to receive this art and spread amongst the others. After receiving the attunement from Mikao Usui, Chujiro Hayashi became another Reiki Master to attune people for Reiki Art. He became the founder of Hayashi Reiki Kenkyu-kai, where new symbols were introduced in the Reiki system. Attuned by the later was Hawayo Takata who brought major changes in the Reiki system and symbols including Master Symbols and Karuna Symbols.

holy fire reiki iii

The Holy Fire Reiki is introduced by the world-famous Reiki practitioner and teacher – William Lee Rand. Under the guidance of his spiritual counselor and advisor, William received the Holy Fire Reiki attunement directly from Jesus and thus, Holy Fire Reiki becomes his trademark.

Nevertheless, the basic principles of the Holy Fire Reiki remains same as Usui Reiki and so, it’s also named as Usui Holy Fire Reiki. The healing techniques and basic symbols remains same but the power of the symbols and healing energy is even more higher in Holy Fire Reiki.

IRF is now teaching Holy Fire Reiki III in India through online and offline modes.

How Holy Fire Reiki is different from traditional Usui System of Reiki –

Unlike Usui Reiki, the attunement for Holy Fire Reiki, as received by William Lee Rand, is directly from Jesus or simply – from universe or higher heavens. The energy channeling is not done through the master’s hand but under the master’s guidance.

Holy Fire Reiki is hands-off Reiki practice unlike Usui Reiki which is hands on Reiki practice.

Attunements in Holy Fire Reiki is named as “Placements” and “Ignitions.”

Frequency of Holy Fire Reiki is higher than Usui Reiki

About William Lee Rand


William Lee Rand’s Usui Reiki Lineage

William Lee Rand is the founder and president of the ICRT (International Center for Reiki Training), U.S. He has been a Reiki practitioner for over 25 years and has received Reiki trainings from many Reiki Masters. Besides, he has done his own research works on this topic over the time and has now become one of the most famous Reiki Practitioner and Teacher and has been conducting classes and webinars across the world.

His world-peace grid has become quite famous in the earth. For the sake of peace to be maintained in World, William Lee Rand had place two world-peace grids at two poles – North and South poles of the world.

Your Holy Fire Reiki Teacher at India Reiki Foundation –

Very few people in India have been fortunate enough to learn this art of Holy Fire Reiki and Komal Bhardwaj, founder of India Reiki Foundation,  has been one of them. Initially, she had learnt Reiki from the N.K. Sharma but received the placement and ignition of Holy Fire Reiki under the guidance of Kumud Bothra who is the first Holy Fire Master in India. Holy Fire Reiki was upgraded to Holy Fire Reiki III in 2019 and ignition for the same was received under the guidance of William Lee Rand. She is also listed as an authorized Holy Fire Reiki III Teacher at International Center for Reiki Training, U.S.

Besides Reiki, Komal Bhardwaj also teaches –

  • Dowsing
  • Crystal Healing
  • Crystal Meditation
  • Tarot Reading

Levels of Holy Fire Reiki III

Like Usui Reiki, Holy Fire Reiki III also consists of four levels – Level I, II, III (Art) & Master. Originally, there are only four levels in Usui Reiki but many trainers have added fifth level i.e. Grandmaster level of Reiki. This level is also of benefit for the Reiki practitioner depending upon whom the Reiki training has been taken. It is always suggested to take all levels of attunement from same teacher or institution as not every institute offers Grandmastership level in Reiki. Their attunements may differ.

What You Will Learn in all Levels of Holy Fire Reiki III

Holy Fire Reiki III/ Level I – Introduction to Holy Fire Reiki III. You will also learn aura cleansing, chakra balancing using your hands.

Holy Fire Reiki III/Level II – Attunement to some symbols will be given. Also, uses and importance of symbols will be discussed. After the completion of level II of Holy Fire Reiki III you will be able to perform distance healing using the symbols. Aura cleansing and Chakra balancing using the symbols will also be taught.

Holy Fire Reiki III/Level III (Art) – Attunement to master symbol will be given. You will be trained for higher level of healing and meditation.

Holy Fire Reiki III / Master – After being attuned for this level, you will be able to teach Holy Fire Reiki to others and attune them for the symbols.

Talk to us for knowing more about Holy Fire Reiki III training or booking your classes for Holy Fire Reiki III in India. The placement and ignition of Holy Fire Reiki III can be sent online as the placement of symbols is done by universe and not by the masters.