Reiki Healing in India has been into play since ancient time. Known as hands-on healing (hasta chikitsa), India still believes in this technique of healing. Now, nothing can stop you from getting what you wish – be it healthy life, wealth, achieve targets or growth in business, strengthen relationship with partner or family – India Reiki Foundation will help you lead a happy and healthy life.

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How Reiki Works: –

It sounds unbelievable to some people but it’s true. The reiki healing is all about getting healing using universal life force energy. The energy is channeled through a reiki healer and directed to our body. There are energy centres in our body that control our emotional, physical, intellectual, and spiritual being. The life force energy enters our body to heal and balance these energy centres, known as Chakras.

Reiki also works on genetic level. The energy is so powerful that it can heal our genes and bring its normal traits back. Any negative pattern of genes, like anger or stress, if generated under unsupportive circumstances, can also be healed by Reiki Healing. The energy alters the genetic code for anger with code for love and positivity. Scientifically, there are merely two strands of DNA however, talking spiritually, there are 12 strands of DNA in an ascended individual.

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Benefits of Reiki Healing in India:

There are various benefits a person can make out of Reiki Healing available in India. If you are an Indian resident and looking for someone who can heal you through Reiki you are at the right place. Here, at India Reiki Foundation, we are not merely bound to send you reiki for healing but also explain you how it will work and how long it may take to heal the illness or situation after scanning your energy and aura. We also make you deep understanding of Reiki and its process to make you connected with Reiki. Without the connection,  acceptance remains partial and thus, the results. Following are the benefits you can expect out of Reiki healing.

  • Health and Well-Being
  • Pain and Stress Management
  • Anxiety Reduction
  • Mental Clarity is Increased
  • Sleep is Improved
  • Energy Level Remains Boosted
  • Weight Loss can be observed
  • Blood Pressure is Regulated
  • Digestive System is Improved
  • Headaches or Allergies are Relieved and many more..

What is required for taking Reiki Healing –

  • Acceptance required (more than earlier that u had about everything)
  • Total Surrender in front of energy (until you surrender completely, friction will be there).
  • Karma – Energy goes to our past, present and future regardless of current timeline.
    If Karmic Chakra was not right in past life, then on prior basis, it is needed to be healed. Only after taking the healing for karmic cycle can the current time line give better results.
  • Self efforts – Without doing anything no one can have any favourable result.
    You have work for yourself everyday (regardless of magnitude of work).
  • Accumulation of energy takes place depending on how well your were energized before healing started.

If there was so much of energy deprivation, it will take a lot of time to fill that gap or void.

Call us and talk to us to find out how reiki can help in you maintaining your health or manifesting your dreams.