About Crystal Healing & Therapy

Crystal healing is the energy healing practice that ancient India had been performing for ages for curing disease and removing negative energy surrounding the person. Mention of the crystals has been done in 5000 years old scripts – Indian Vedas. For example – the Clear Quartz, called Bhisma-Ratna, used to be fear removing stone. Similarly, crystals for healing medical ailment, meditation and development psychic power were also mentioned. crystal healing

However, with time and research works, the crystals have again gained same importance in today’s era and healers are using crystals immensely for uplifting their energy healing and its effects. It has deep therapeutic effect on body and mind and Crystal Therapy has become one of the most look-after therapies in India and other country.

Course Outline: –

  • What are Crystals and how they are formed?
  • How to select crystals
  • Cleansing and programing of crystals
  • Crystal Healing for different purposes

– Chakra Balancing
– Meditation
– Aura Cleansing
– Medical Treatment
– Relationship
– Financial & business growth
– Personal development
– Career & success

  • 50 Crystals and their Healing Properties
  • Crystals for Reiki Healing
  • Crystal Grid for Goal Manifestation

Duration of Online Crystal Healing Course:-

Crystal healing course is conducted online through webinar or Whatsapp. Duration of the course is as follows –

  • Regular- 21 days
  • Fast track Online -10 Days

To know more about Crystal Healing Classes by India Reiki Foundation, please get in touch with us or write to us at irftrust.in@gmail.com