Learning Reiki is an art. Not everyone is blessed with this art and not everyone is fortunate enough to learn this art. If you are reading this and have already made your mind of learning Reiki in India, then energy has selected you. Reiki energy was first used to be performed in India in ancient days but it was vanished from the India after the English medicines and treatment came into play. However, thanks to Dr. Mikao Usui who had re-introduced this technique of healing using hands again in Japan. Hence, today it is well-known as Japanese technique of healing people with hands on the people sending energy for healing.

Usui Reiki

According to Mikao Sensei, there are total of V levels of Reiki: –

Level I – Beginner’s Level
Level II – Practitioner Level
Level III – Advance Level
Level IV – Mastership Level
Level V – Grand Mastership Level

Level I

This is the beginner’s level of Reiki where we will be introducing you to the reiki and give Reiki Level I Attunement. After receiving the attunement for first degree of reiki, you will enter the magical world full of divine power. At this level, you can feel the energy in your palms.

After learning Level I, you will be able to :-

  • Cleanse aura using hands
  • Begin healing using touching method
  • Heal and balance chakras
  • Scan and Cleanse negative energy using hands

Level II

This is the practitioner level when you are certified as Reiki healer and begin to heal people physical and at distant as well. You will be introduced to three power full symbols followed by the attunement by the Reiki Grandmasters. Unlike Reiki Level I, you will be able to heal people quickly using the symbols. After getting arguments of second degree reiki, you will be able to send reiki to people for healing and goal manifestations. Crystal healing is also introduced at this level.

After learning level II, you will be able to –

  • Heal people at distant
  • Heal and balance your chakras and aura using symbols
  • Heal and protect people and yourself from negativity using third eye
  • Heal using crystals

Level III

Reiki Level III is the advanced where you will be introduced and attuned to Master Symbol Reiki. This symbol is the most powerful symbol of all the symbols taught so far. At this level, you will be given guidance on how to remove psychic attack or perform psychic surgery. An introduction to Karuna Reiki is also given in the third degree of Reiki.

After learning Level III, you will be able to :-

  • Heal people even faster
  • See the colour of aura
  • Feel others’ pain and emotions
  • Perform Psychic Surgery for various diseases
  • Remove Psychic Attacks from home and people
  • Protect people from Psychic attack

Level IV

Reiki Level IV is the Mastership level, also known as Reiki Teacher’s level. At this level, you will be given attunement by the Reiki Grandmasters to attune others for reiki and teaching upto Level III. You will be a certified Reiki Teacher after taking Reiki Mastership course. Karuna Reiki Symbols will be introduced and you will feel an outburst of emotion after taking the attunement for Mastership.

Level V

Level V certifies that you are now eligible to open and establish your own centre and that, you have followed all the ethics of Usui Reiki as guided by us. You energy center is balanced and you are now a qualified teacher and Reiki Grandmaster. After taking attunement for Reiki Grandmaster, you can give attunements and teachings to Reiki Level IV i.e. Mastership level students.

Know Your Reiki Teachers

Siddhartha Bhradwaj – Founder of India Reiki Foundation

Reiki Grandmaster IRF        > Reiki Grandmaster

      > Magnified Healer

       > Violet Flame Healer

      > Lama Fera Healer

      > Tarot Card Reader

      > Numerologist

      > Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist

       > Life Coach


Komal Bhardwaj – Co-Founder of India Reiki Foundation

reiki grandmaster IRF


      > Reiki Grandmaster

      > Usui/Holy Fire III Reiki Master

      > Crystal Healer

      > Certified Dowser

      > Tarot Card Reader




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