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Did You Know? Your Aura Can Define The Instincts Of A Person

We often come across the word “Aura” in our daily life. You might have heard somebody saying that the Aura of a mother is always strong or aura of this home is pure and so on. What is aura that we talk about? Ever tried to understand its meaning and purpose of the aura in depth? How can aura help you be what you are and how a negative aura can take back everything that you deserved? Answering these questions, Siddhartha Bhardwaj – Reiki Grandmaster and founder of India Reiki Foundation writes about Aura and explains about its presence at DNA level. Let’s read this carefully.

What is Aura?

Aura is known by many names like gentle breath or wind or Subtle body or Human energy or human body’s electromagnetic field. It is also known as Glow of light or a subtle emanation around human body which is unseen.

How Aura is formed?

how aura is formedAura is a result of vibration at the sub-atomic level of sub-atomic particles. As we know that every particle is made of atoms in this universe. These atoms are further made of some sub-atomic particles (like electron, proton, neutron). Each of the atomic particles vibrates at a frequency. This constant vibration results in formation of an electromagnetic field. Even when we think, our consciousness and thoughts vibrate and this vibration results in the formation of aura around us.

Aura, in scientific language, is electro-photonic vibrations caused by some external excitation. Aura provides us information regarding health, well-being, emotional condition, state of mind, thoughts running, energy level, kundalini state and environment around a person.

There have been many experiments conducted on aura in many countries and it has been observed that human aura is made of an Electromagnetic spectrum ranging from microwave level to infrared level and from there to ultraviolet level.

In our smaller segments and functions like Structure of DNA, Blood circulation, Body metabolism involves Low frequency microwave and Infrared part of electromagnetic spectrum, whereas Our consciousness and brain activity like thought process, creation, senses of pain or sense of humour, creation or destruction involves ultraviolet part of electromagnetic spectrum which is high in energy (which can be seen even with naked eyes and still largely unexplored).

Many scientific claims have been made that changes can be made in human body by changing in aura. For example, some of the Russian scientists claimed that Aura change at microwave level can lead to the Genetic changes by altering the DNA.

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  1. kamlesh
    kamlesh says:

    excellent and intersting information given on Aura. We see light circles around the Gods and Godesses of Hindus these are Auras.these things were known in India since long back but not known to most of scientifically things are being unfolded .We should try to make our Aura stronger so that we can remain healthy and strong emotionally.Pranayams ,regular meditation with healthy diet helps to extend our aura field.

  2. Shrii Rinki
    Shrii Rinki says:

    Reiki does play an important role in the moulding and health level of a person. In fact, it has been instrumental in my life as I have been able to help many different individuals with it’s help.


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