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Universal energy is an ultimate tool for your robust health and joy in mind, body and spirit. In reality, nothing belongs to us. Our body, mind, thoughts, beliefs, race, religion etc. – all belong to the fake world called life. Finding the real self anywhere else is of no use because the real self is within ourselves and is infinite and full of unbound power. This is the only entity that we can claim as ours and is complete in every way. This “me”, the one which is infinite has all the resources that is required to explore the life because this “me” is the one with the universal energy. This “me” is the one with the “Reiki Power.”

Let’s Discover it within ourselves with help of India Reiki Foundation

About Reiki

Reiki truly means “Universal Life Energy”
without which the entire system remains

What IRF can do for you

Reiki Healing

Nothing can stop you from getting what you wish – be it your health, wealth, achieve targets or growth in life. Our Reiki healing help you lead a happy and healthy life.

Reiki Classes

Attunements and Guidances for Reiki level I/II/ III/Mastership/Grandmastership. Become Certified Usui Reiki  Practitioner/Master/Grandmaster


Your date of birth and letters sum have meaningful information hidden. Unlock it to find out the auspicious day, your lucky number, your destination number and a lot more.

Tarot Reading

Find out the hidden answers for your business, career, future and other paths of life. We can help you find the right path for your life.

Reiki at Your Home

An Initiation by INDIA REIKI FOUNDATION to bring healing to your home and make you safe and protected in your home.

Distance Healing

Reiki Healing is powerful enough to reach out to different corners of the World. We can heal you even if you are not present here physically.

You should also know…

India Reiki Foundation has become famous for reiki healing and practice in very short span of time.  Various families and individuals came over the distressed situations in their homes or lives with help of IRF Reiki Healing. Reiki energy is not merely a name given to a magic but also works as a therapist to heal cancer patients and remove the tumour completely.  Not in India but the power of Reiki is well recognised in UK, US and other countries as well. Thanks to Ushui for introducing this power long time back in India.

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Life is complicated. Make no mistake by ignoring the stumbling blocks in this life. Get solution at each step, in each phase. Leave nothing for the next life.